GRAMIUM blossomed with the initiatives of the likeminded persons interested in various development issues which helped in the empowerment of the rural people for their sustainable livelihood in Karurdisrict. Initially, GRAMIUM started its activities in capacity building of and education to children and expand its activities to watershed development programmes, sanitation programmes, Self Help Groups (SHGs) & Micro-Credits, Agriculture, Health and HIV/AIDS, Skill Development Initiatives, Environment for the self-reliance and self sufficiency of the rural people.GRAMIUM extends its service in Dindigul and Trichy District.GRAMIUM is implementing all its activities with the participation and planning of the target people with the with the support of Government and other Agencies


Rural communities with self esteem, self reliance and self sufficiency as dreamt by Mahatma Gandhi-healthy, prosperous and peaceful life for everyone.


Collective and Participatory community actions and involvement in alleviating poverty, eliminating discriminations, conserving natural resources, promoting educational standards and fight against all kinds of social evils and injustice along with the sustainable livelihood options